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CONDOLEEZA: the right lobe of Bush's brain
"...Condoleeza Rice was rumored to be black, but in fact everyone knows she is a freakishly rigid spinster automaton who scares small children and whom the black race officially disowned roughly two decades ago." [Mark Morford]

I really hate Condoleeza Rice. ... the trick of the current administration: "Let's get a woman, better yet, make it an African American woman who can be our puppet and will disguise our racist and sexist ways" It is the ultimate act of disrespect to Women and African Americans. She must be of very weak charcter to work for such a greed-driven old boys club. None of her views support women or African Americans, bur perpetuate monopolistic Capitalism.   I really despise her and think she is low.
Thanks a lot for helping us, bitch!

Posted by V at March 31, 2003



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Ann Coulter: Right Wing MediaWhore
from Devil in a Blue Dress by Eric Alterman  Nation Magazine
"As a pundit, she is about on a par with Charles Manson, better suited to a lifelong stay in the Connecticut Home for the Criminally Insane than for the host's seat on Crossfire. Her books are filled with lies, slander and phony footnotes that are themselves lies and slanders. Her very existence as a public figure is an insult to our collective intelligence. 
 Is looking like an anorexic Farrah Fawcett and wearing skirts so short they lack the dignity and reserve of Monica Lewinsky's thong enough to insure the embrace of the national entertainment state no matter what you say, just so long as your murderous bile is directed at "liberals"? Would it have worked for Saddam if he wore a size 6? ...and yet, like one of those Mothralike creatures that feed on bullets and squashed Japanese villagers, the monster continues to grow, debasing everyone and everything in its wake."

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ARIANNA HUFFINGTON a true progressive voice
She is an impassioned advocate of civil disobedience and a stalwart opponent of the drug war. Mention child poverty in the U.S., and she not only responds with an outpouring of startling statistics, but outrage over how in this era of trumped up prosperity, we could leave so many behind. She sees a system desperately in need of campaign finance reform, with little difference between the two major parties, which she dubs the "pro-choice corporate party" and the "anti-choice corporate party." And don't even get her started on mandatory sentencing. []
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