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The Bush
The enduring power of
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When some little rich bastard gets to dodge the draft because his daddy pulls some strings, that draft slot does not go unfilled. The Army takes someone else in his place. So when Poppy Bush got his idiot son a very special and unearned National Guard job protecting Houston from Viet Cong attack, who went to Viet Nam in his place?

Jack Balkwill: the man who took Bush's place

But even that was not enough privilege for Shrub.  Even with someone sent to face death in his place, Shrub walked away from his cushy job -- went AWOL -- disappeared for at least a year.

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and the
of the
Iraqi People

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Dr. Howard Dean says American people should know the true intentions behind Bush administration's agenda

(July 25, 2003)

Des Moines, IA--Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean made the following statement today while campaigning in Iowa:

"When George W. Bush ran for president three years ago, he promised us an era of responsibility in Washington--instead we've got an era of irresponsibility unparalleled in our history. A week after discovering that the cost of occupying Iraq will be double the original estimates, we found out that the nation's deficit is 50 percent higher than estimated just five months ago. In fact, during his two-and-a-half years in office, the President has misled us, the American people, on nearly every policy initiative his administration has put forth.

"Trust and credibility are at the very heart of the relationship between a government and its people. And that trust demands that leaders level with the people about what they are doing, the reason they are doing it and the consequences of their actions. The very soul of democracy is at risk when leaders are not straight and truthful with the people.

"By now, we all know that President Bush misled the American people on the rationale for war with Iraq. We now know that the Niger uranium claim was discredited, that evidence regarding aluminum tubes was highly questionable, and that the link to al Qaeda was virtually non-existent.

"Last week I asked sixteen questions about the war in Iraq that must be answered if the American people are to understand the truth around the rush to war and the failure to plan for peace.

"These questions are, however, only one piece of a far broader practice by this administration of misleading the American people and breaching the fundamental trust that they have placed in their elected leadership. This practice goes far beyond misleading the country and the world about the reasons for taking us to war in Iraq, this practice extends into the state of the nation's economy, its environment, its schools and beyond.

"Mr. President, today I call on you to level with the American people not just about the situation in Iraq but about the true intentions behind the agenda your Administration is pursuing:

ˇ "You claimed that your tax cuts would create jobs. Instead we have three million fewer jobs in our economy than when you took office.

ˇ "You claimed that we would only run deficits that were small and temporary. Instead, we now face deficits in excess of $455 billion--the largest in history--and red ink as far as the eye can see.

ˇ "You claimed that your tax cuts would strengthen and stimulate the economy. Instead, we have record numbers of personal bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and an unemployment rate that is the highest in 9 years.

ˇ "You claimed that the deficits were caused by the costs of 9/11, the war on terror, and homeland security. In fact, the cost of your tax cuts is three times the amount of those items--and your deficit forecasts do not even include the costs of the Iraq war.

ˇ "You claimed that your education program would live up to its name and that No Child would be Left Behind. Instead, school districts all across the country, including in your home state of Texas, are dumbing down their tests to ensure that their schools are not labeled as needing improvement. No Child Left Behind turns out to be a huge unfunded mandate on local governments that now must raise property taxes or find other sources of revenue to meet their legal obligations under the Act.

ˇ "You named your environmental initiatives 'Clear Skies' and 'Healthy Forests' when the truth is that Clear Skies allows more pollutants into the air and Healthy Forests is little more than a bill to reward the logging industry.

ˇ "You claimed that national and community service are central to your vision for the country. Instead, you have sat idly by while membership in the program is threatened to be cut by 80 percent.

ˇ "And you visited soldiers wounded in Afghanistan on January 17th and had the audacity to promise to 'provide the best care for anybody who's willing to put their life in harm's way' when the previous day your Department of Veteran's Affairs cut off health care access to 164,000 veterans.

"Mr. President, it is time for the truth. It is time for the truth on Iraq but, more importantly, it is time to level with the American people on the true intentions of your administration. It is time to end the empty rhetoric and false promises. The issues at stake are too serious: the lives of our soldiers; the livelihood of our families; the health of our children; the future of our world.

"Let us instead work together to rebuild our national community-a community where we truly do not leave any child behind, where we preserve clean skies and healthy forests, and fulfill Harry Truman's dream of health care for all Americans. We must preserve the fiscal trust for our children and grandchildren and ensure that our seniors have access to the Social Security and Medicare that we promised them.

"Let's give people a reason to care about their government and to engage in politics again-to believe that their opinions matter and that their leaders listen. Let us work together to take our country back and to restore our lost idealism-to restore our moral force in the world community and to make this a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. We can do this, and we will -one voter, one supporter at a time. We will end the empty rhetoric and make the American people believe again."

The following information contrasts the administration's assertions with what the administration has actually done:


Assertion: President Bush: "Government cannot manage or control the economy." (President Bush's budget message, 2/3/2003)

Truth: George W. Bush's administration cannot manage or control the economy.

Assertion: "This budget . . . is a plan to speed the return of strong economic growth [and] to generate jobs" (President Bush's budget message, 2/4/2002)

Truth: Since January 2001, over three million jobs have been lost. (WSJ, 7/24/03)

Assertion: ". . . [O]ur budget will run a deficit that will be small and short term." (President Bush, State of the Union address, 1/28/2003)

Truth: ". . . by 2013 the deficit will reach $530 billion or 3.0 of Gross Domestic product, equivalent to $2,300 for each household in America. In addition, such a policy of amassing ever greater debt over the next decade will cause the cost of annual interest payments on the debt to soar to $425 billion a year by 2013. . ." (CBPP, $300 Billion Deficits, As Far as the Eye Can See, 7/8/2003)

Assertion: "Tax relief is central to my plan to encourage growth." (President Bush, Western Michigan University remarks, 3/27/2001)

Truth: During the first quarter of this year, GDP rose at a sluggish rate of 1.4% (NYT, 6/27/03)

Assertion: "Now, you hear talk about deficits. And I'm concerned about deficits. I'm sure you are as well. But this nation has got a deficit because we have been through a war." (President Bush, Canton, Ohio, remarks, 4/24/2003)

Truth: The CBPP reports, "Congressional Budget Office data indicate that in 2003 and 2004, the cost of enacted tax cuts is almost three times as great as the cost of war, even when the cost of increases in homeland security expenditures, the rebuilding after September 11, and other costs of the war on terrorism--including the action in Afghanistan--are counted as 'war costs,' along with the costs of the military operations and subsequent reconstruction in Iraq." (Richard Kogan, "War, Tax Cuts, and the Deficit," CBPP, 8 July 2003)

Assertion: "The minute I got sworn in, we were in a recession. And that's why I went to Congress for a tax package." (President Bush, Canton, Ohio, remarks, 4/24/2003)

Truth: Bush was inaugurated in January 2001; the recession began in March 2001. He did not inherit a recession. Moreover, the tax package he took to Congress was the same one on which he had campaigned. (National Bureau of Economic Research; Richard Kogan, "War, Tax Cuts, and the Deficit," CBPP, 7/8/2003)

Assertion: "The growth and jobs plan I outlined earlier this year will provide critical momentum to our economic recovery. For every American paying income taxes, I propose speeding up the tax cuts already approved by the Congress." (President Bush's budget message, 2/3/2003)

Truth: Ten recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science said Bush's plan would not provide a short-term boost and would create long-term budget deficits. Franco Modigliani (MIT), who received the Nobel in 1985, called Bush's plan "preposterous." Daniel McFadden, the 2000 recipient, described the plan as a "weapon of mass destruction aimed at the middle class." (Blanton, The Boston Globe, 2/12/2003)

Assertion: "My jobs and growth plan would reduce tax rates for everyone who pays income tax." (President Bush, Radio Address, 4/26/2003)

Truth: "Analysis shows that 8.1 million lower and middle-income taxpayers, who pay billions of dollars a year in income taxes, will receive no tax reduction under the legislation." (Robert Greenstein, CBPP, 6/1/2003)

Assertion: "We have priorities at home as well--restoring health to our economy above all. Our economy had begun to weaken over a year before September 11th, but the terrorist attack dealt it another severe blow. This budget advances a bipartisan economic recovery plan that provides much more than greater unemployment benefits: it is a plan to speed the return of strong economic growth, to generate jobs, and to give unemployed Americans the dignity and security of a paycheck instead of an unemployment check." (President Bush's budget message, 2/4/2002)

Truth: During the first quarter of this year, GDP rose at a sluggish rate of 1.4% and 1.2% of mortgages were in foreclosure, setting a record high. The unemployment rate climbed to a nine-year high of 6.4% in June. Setting a new record, 1.6 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy last year. (NYT, 6/27/03; USA Today, 7/10/03; WSJ 7/24/03; U.S. News & World Report; 7/21/03)

Assertion: In his 2003 State of the Union, Bush said, "We will not deny, we will not ignore, we will not pass along our problems to other Congresses, to other presidents and other generations."

Truth: The White House released a deficit projection in July, 2003 of $455 billion. (Source: "White House Sees a 455 Billion Gap in the 03 Budget" New York Times David E. Rosenbaum 7/16/03)


Assertion: In January 2003, Bush defended No Child Left Behind: "The main reservations we've heard in the year since we passed the reform have come from some adults, not the children, who say the testing requirement is an unfunded mandate on the states. Well, that's not true. We put up $387 million to provide for testing . . . We demanded excellence. We're going to pay for the accountability systems to make sure that we do get excellence." (Official statements, Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1/13/03)

Truth: The GAO released a report that the new testing will cost the states between $1.9 and $5.3 billion. (GAO Report, "Characteristics of Tests Will Influence Expenses; Information Sharing May Help States Realize Efficiencies, May 2003) The FY 2004 Bush budget request was only $387 million; Congress has already appropriated $771, which still leaves a shortfall of $742 million. (Congressional Press Release, 5/8/03)

Assertion: President Bush: "You don't teach the test when it comes to literacy. We went to a Title 1 classroom -- or a classroom with Title 1 students in it, where the teacher was using some of the most advanced thought about teaching reading, a balanced approach including phonics. You teach a child to read and he or her (sic) will be able to pass a literacy test. I don't buy teaching the test as an excuse to have a system that doesn't hold people accountable for results." (Townsend Elementary School, Tennessee 2/21/2001)

Truth: In Texas, the board voted to reduce the number of questions that students must answer correctly to pass third grade reading exams from 24 out of 36 to 20. In Michigan, officials lowered the percentage of students who must pass statewide tests to certify a school as making adequate yearly progress to 42% from 75% of high school students on English tests. And Colorado overhauled the grading system used on its tests, lumping students previously characterized on the basis of test scores as "partially proficient" with those called "proficient". ("States are Relaxing Education Standards to Avoid Sanctions from Federal Law," Sam Dillon, New York Times, 5/22/03)

Assertion: In April 2002, Bush praised Lucy Salazar, a volunteer with the Even Start literacy program: "One of the things I try to do when I go into communities is herald soldiers in the armies of compassion, those souls who have heard the call to love a neighbor like you'd like to be loved yourself, and have followed through on that call; Lucy Salazar is a retired federal government worker. She teaches reading skills to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children -- incredibly important . . . And oftentimes, citizens such as her never get the praise they deserve. Lucy, thank you for coming and representing thousands of people like you."

Truth: Bush has since proposed cutting the Even Start budget by 20% (Associated Press, 2/4/2002)


Assertion: One program, the Container Security Initiative, which would screen cargo at foreign ports, was specifically endorsed by Bush last June. "The Customs Service," he told an audience in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, "is working with overseas ports and shippers to improve its knowledge of container shipments, assessing risk so that we have a better feel of who we ought to look at, what we ought to worry about."

Truth: Bush's budget provides no new funding for the program. (New Republic, March 2003)


Assertion: In March 2001, Bush pledged to support children's hospitals: "This is a hospital, but it's also - it's a place full of love. And I was most touched by meeting the parents and the kids and the nurses and the docs, all of whom are working hard to save lives. I want to thank the moms who are here. Thank you very much for you hospitality . . . There's a lot of talk about budgets right now, and I'm here to talk about the budget. My job as the President is to submit a budget to the Congress and to set priorities, and one of the priorities that we've talked about is making sure the health care systems are funded."

Truth: Bush's first budget proposed cutting grants to children's hospitals like the one he visited by 15% ($34 million). His 2004 budget additionally proposes to cut 30% ($86 million) out of grants to children's hospitals. ("Caught on Film: the Bush Credibility Gap," House Minority Appropriations Committee)


Assertion: On Earth Day, in April 2002, Bush said, "Clear Skies legislation, when passed by Congress, will significantly reduce smog and mercury emissions, as well as stop acid rain. It will put more money directly into programs to reduce pollution, so as to meet firm national air-quality goals."

Truth: The Clear Skies plan would "generate millions more tons of smog-forming nitrogen oxides and allow three times more mercury emissions than current law." And according to EPA estimates, "the plan would have the effect of raising the amount of coal burned by power companies . . . potentially generating 50 percent more sulfur emissions and delaying by up to 10 years major cuts in sulfur emissions required by the Clean Air Act." (League of Conservation Voters 2003 Presidential Report Card)

Assertion: Pres. Bush: "With the help of Congress, environmental groups and industry, we will require all power plants to meet clean air standards in order to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, within a reasonable period of time." (September 29, 2000 file footage, ABC News)

Truth: Ted Koppel reported that " . . . the original pledge [to regulate carbon dioxide] was written off as sloppy work by a campaign speechwriter. The president was persuaded to drop a line restating the pledge from his speech to Congress. Two weeks later, it was officially dead."(Nightline, April 25, 2001)

Assertion: President Bush: "I have sent you a healthy forest initiative, to help prevent the catastrophic fires that devastate communities, kill wildlife, and burn away millions of acres of treasured forests. I urge you to pass these measures for the good of both our environment and our economy." (January 28, 2003, State of the Union Address)

Truth: "Bush's 'Healthy Forests' initiative likewise suffers from Orwellian doublespeak, felling Western forests to save them. Disguised as a measure for curbing wildfires, the plan invites logging companies to cut healthy trees in national forests while reducing public oversight. Ironically, the probable cause of recent catastrophic fires is global warming, a problem that most Republicans deny." (By Glen Scherer for January 6, 2003)


Assertion: In his 2003 State of the Union address, Bush promised to expand AmeriCorps: "Our country also needs citizens working to rebuild our communities. We need mentors to love children, especially children whose parents are in prison. And we need more talented teachers in troubled schools. USA Freedom Corps will expand and improve the good efforts of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps to recruit more than 200,000 new volunteers." (State of the Union Address, 1/28/2003)

Truth: The funding of AmeriCorps is currently in conference as part of the emergency supplemental bill. Although the Senate has moved to restore/increase funding, the House is resisting such attempts. As it now stands, membership in AmeriCorps would be slashed by 80%. Throughout the public debate on the subject, Bush has not taken any action to persuade the House to increase or restore the funding. (David Broder House Senate Feuds end up targeting innocent victims, Chicago Tribune- 7/22/03; "AmeriCorps May Still Win Extra Funding; Associated Press,7/22/03)

Assertion: In January 2003, Bush praised the Boys and Girls Club: "I want to thank the Boys & Girls Clubs across the country . . . The Boys & Girls Club have got a grand history of helping children understand the future is bright for them, as well as any other child in America. Boys & Girls Clubs have been safe havens. They're little beacons of light for children who might not see light. And I want to thank them for their service to the country. Part of the vision for America is that we have a mosaic of all kinds of people providing love and comfort for people who need help." ("George W. Bush Delivers Remarks on First Anniversary of the USA Freedom Corps," FDCH Political Transcripts, 1/30/02)

Truth: In his 2002 budget, Bush proposed cutting all federal funding for the Boys and Girls Club.

Assertion: In January of 2002, Bush had praised Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp while visiting Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta: Out of an idea came the desire to convince folks to teach in schools that are having trouble getting teachers. And she has succeeded way beyond what people thought a single person could do." ("Professional Educators, Politicians and Students Show Support for Teach for America Program in Atlanta," Minority Professional Network, 1/31/02)

Truth: On July 11, 2003, Teach for America (TFA) was notified it would not receive any funding from the Corporation for National Community Service, the agency responsible for AmeriCorps funds. TFA expected $2 million in grants and leaves TFA short 2,700 education awards for its teachers out of 3,300 corps members who will be teaching this year. ("Teach for America Shut Out of Americorps National Funding Awards," TFA web site, 7/15/03)


Assertion: On January 17, 2003, Bush visited 5 soldiers injured in Afghanistan at the Walter Reed Medical Center. He praised Army doctors and said, "We should and must provide the best care for anybody who's willing to put their life in harm's way." ("Bush Visits Soldiers Mending from Afghanistan Wounds," Associated Press, 1/17/03)

Truth: The previous day, Bush's Department of Veterans Affairs announced it was cutting off access to its health care system for 164,000 veterans who were expected to enroll in the current fiscal year. ("VA Cuts Some Veterans Access to Health Care," Washington Post, 1/17/03)


Assertion: In June 2002, Bush visited an Atlanta housing project that used HUD's HOPE VI grants: "You know, today I went to the -- to some of the home -- met some of the homeowners in this newly built homes and all you've got to do is shake their hand and listen to their stories and watch the pride that they exhibit when they show you the kitchen and the stairs . . . They showed me their home. They didn't show me somebody else's home, they showed me their home. And they are so proud to own their home and I want to thank them for their hospitality, because it helps the American people really understand what it means." (Remarks by President George Bush re: Expanding Opportunities for Homeownership," Federal News Service, 6/17/02)

Truth: The President's 2004 budget cut all HOPE VI funding.


Assertion: In April 2002, at the South Dakota Ethanol Plant, Bush said, "I said when I was running for President, I supported ethanol, and I meant it. I support it now, because not only do I know it's important for the ag sector of our economy, it's an important part of making sure we become less reliant on foreign sources of energy."

Truth: The plant had received $602,000 in 2001 under Clinton's Bioenergy Program. Bush cut the plant's bioenergy program in his 2004 budget. ("Ag Department Biodiesel, Ethanol Program May Be Renewed," Associated Press, 4/22/02)

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A summary of Mr. Bush's Presidential Achievements
The history of the present President of the United States, George W. Bush, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let the Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has spent the country's surplus and bankrupted the treasury, creating the biggest annual deficit in history, to be followed by still larger deficits and spiraling national debt that will plague our country for generations to come.

He has presided in the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression, losing nearly 3 million jobs, cutting unemployment benefits for more Americans than any other President in United States History, causing the largest stock market downturn in history and the near bankruptcy of nearly every State in the Union, while repeatedly cutting taxes for the wealthiest citizens and corporations in the country.

He has dissolved more international treaties in areas from environmental protection, to human rights, to arms control than any President in United States history, causing untold and unforeseeable harm to not only the people of the United States, but to the people of the world as well.

He has presided over one of the largest security and intelligence failures in the history of the United States, resulting in a most horrific terrorist attack against our soil, then squandered world-wide sympathy directed toward our country on a campaign of imperial aggression for the economic benefit of global corporate interests.

He has attacked and taken over two sovereign countries, one unilaterally against the will of the United Nations and the world community, thus drastically changing longstanding foreign policies, and creating world-wide distrust and disdain for the United States, and has provided no effective plan to rebuild either of those countries.

He has removed or diminished more civil liberties for Americans, and signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution, than any other President in United States history, subjecting citizens and non-citizens to unlawful searches, seizures, detentions, and unrepresented and/or under-represented court trials with no benefit of jury.

He has repeatedly designed and promoted to law policies that invariably benefit the short-term interests of the privileged wealthy and large corporations over the interests of the vast majority of the American People in the areas of health care, disability and retirement benefits, environmental and consumer protection, and education, to name only a few.

He has repeatedly distorted facts or presented outright lies and fabrications in order to persuade both the Congress and the American People to support his personal and financial agendas, resulting in the needless deaths and/or financial ruin of thousands of people both in this country and around the world.

He has undermined the concept of a free and independent press by allowing increased consolidation of ownership by fewer and larger corporate owners, despite enormous public outcry against such changes.


George W. Bush Resume

Past work experience:

  • Ran for congress and lost.

  • Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie.

  • Bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas, company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock.

  • Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using tax-payer money. Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox.

  • With fathers help (and his name) was elected Governor of Texas.

    Accomplishments: Changed pollution laws for power and oil companies and made Texas the most polluted state in the Union. Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog ridden city in America. Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money. Set record for most executions by any Governor in American history.

  • After losing the 2000 presidential election by over 500,000 votes, installed as president by Dad's Supreme Court appointees.

Accomplishments as president:

  • Attacked and took over two countries.

  • Spent the surplus and bankrupted the treasury.

  • Shattered record for biggest annual deficit in history.

  • Set economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period.

  • Set all-time record for biggest drop in the history of the stock market.

  • First president in decades to execute a federal prisoner.

  • First president in US history to enter office with a criminal record.

  • First year in office set the all-time record for most days on vacation by any president in US history.

  • After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, presided over the worst security failure in US history.

  • Set the record for most campaign fund-raising trips than any other president in US history.

  • In my first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their job.

  • Cut unemployment benefits for more out of work Americans than any president in US history.

  • Set the all-time record for most foreclosures in a 12 month period.

  • Appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in US history.

  • Set the record for the least amount of press conferences of any president since the advent of television.

  • Signed more laws and executive orders circumventing the Constitution than any president in US history.

  • Presided over the biggest energy crises in US history and refused to intervene when corruption was revealed.

  • Presided over the highest gasoline prices in US history and refused to use the national reserves as past presidents have.

  • Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans.

  • Set the all-time record for most people worldwide to simultaneously take to the streets to protest me (15 million people), shattering the record for protest against any person in the history of mankind. (

  • Dissolved more international treaties than any president in US history.

  • Established the most secretive and un-accountable presidency in US history.

  • Members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in US history. (the 'poorest' multi-millionaire, Condoleeza Rice has an Chevron oil tanker named after her).

  • Had more states go bankrupt than any president in the history of the United States.

  • Presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world.

  • Created the largest government department bureaucracy in the history of the United States.

  • Set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in US history.

  • First president in US history to have the United Nations remove the US from the human rights commission.

  • First president in US history to have the United Nations remove the US from the elections monitoring board. 

  • Removed more checks and balances, and have the least amount of congressional oversight than any presidential administration in US history.

  • Rendered the entire United Nations irrelevant.

  • Withdrew from the World Court of Law.

  • Refused to allow inspectors access to US prisoners of war and by default no longer abide by the Geneva Conventions.

  • First president in US history to refuse United Nations election inspectors (during the 2002 US elections).

  • All-time US (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations.

  • My biggest life-time campaign contributor presided over one of the largest corporate bankruptcy frauds in world history (Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron Corporation).

  • Spent more money on polls and focus groups than any president in US history.

  • First president in US history to unilaterally attack a sovereign nation against the will of the United Nations and the world community.

  • First president to run and hide when the US came under attack (and then lied saying the enemy had the code to Air Force 1)

  • First US president to establish a secret shadow government.

  • Took the biggest world sympathy for the US after 911, and in less than a year made the US the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in US and world history).

  • With a policy of 'dis-engagement' created the most hostile Israeli-Palestine relations in at least 30 years.

  • Fist US president in history to have a majority of the people of Europe (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and stability.

  • First US president in history to have the people of South Korea more threatened by the US than their immediate neighbor, North Korea.

  • Changed US policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded government contracts.

  • Set all-time record for number of administration appointees who violated US law by not selling huge investments in corporations bidding for government contracts.

  • Failed to fulfill my pledge to get Osama Bin Laden 'dead or alive'.

  • Failed to capture the anthrax killer who tried to murder the leaders of our country at the United States Capitol building. After 18 months I have no leads and zero suspects.

  • In the 18 months following the 911 attacks I have successfully prevented any public investigation into the biggest security failure in the history of the United States.

  • Removed more freedoms and civil liberties for Americans than any other president in US history.

  • In a little over two years created the most divided country in decades, possibly the most divided the US has ever been since the civil war.

  • Entered office with the strongest economy in US history and in less than two years turned every single economic category heading straight down.

Records and References:

  • At least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine (Texas driving record has been erased and is not available).

  • AWOL from National Guard and Deserted the military during a time of war.

  • Refuse to take drug test or even answer any questions about drug use.

  • All records of my tenure as governor of Texas have been spirited away to my fathers library, sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

  • All records of any SEC investigations into my insider trading or bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

  • All minutes of meetings for any public corporation I served on the board are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

  • Any records or minutes from meetings I (or my VP) attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public review.

  • For personal references please speak to my daddy or uncle James Baker (They can be reached at their offices of the Carlyle Group for war-profiteering.) Please do not contact The Dixie Chicks.


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"And we'll be tough and resolute as we unite, to make sure freedom stands, to rout out evil, to say to our children and grandchildren, we were bold enough to act, without tiring, so that you can live in a great land and in a peaceful world. And there's no doubt in my mind, not one doubt in my mind, that we will fail." - Dubya, in remarks to the Department of Labor, October 4, 2001

"Starting Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Reagan National Airport." --GWB, on October 2, 2001, during his announcement of the re-opening of Washington's airport.

"First, we would not accept a treaty that would not have been ratified, nor a treaty that I thought made sense for the country." George W. Bush, on the Kyoto accord, April 24, 2001 

"It's very important for folks to understand that when there's more trade, there's more commerce." George W. Bush, at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City

"Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican." President Bush, on not taking questions at a photo opportunity with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien

"This administration is doing everything we can to end the stalemate in an efficient way. We're making the right decisions to bring the solution to an end." George W. Bush, April 10, 2001

"A lot of times in the rhetoric, people forget the facts. And the facts are that thousands of small businesses Hispanically owned or otherwise pay taxes at the highest marginal rate." George W. Bush, speaking to the  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, March 19, 2001

The problem is, some of the folks in Washington are used to spending orgies, those days are over were going to bring fiscal sanity to the budget." - Friday March 9, 20

"I've coined new words, like, misunderstanding and Hispanically." George W. Bush, who meant to say "misunderestimated"

"In my sentences I go where no man has gone before." George W. Bush

"Those stories about my intellectual capacity do get under my skin. You know for a while I even thought my staff believed it. There on my schedule first thing every morning it said, 'Intelligence briefing.'" George W. Bush, at the 2000 Gridiron dinner

"A hobby I enjoy is mapping the human genome. I hope one day I can clone another Dick Cheney. Then I won't have to do anything." George W. Bush, at the Gridiron dinner

January 20, 2001,9:45AM PST, just after Dubya's swearing in. 
Dubya, just a moment ago, turned to Strom Thurman and asked him, "how many times have you seen a president do this?" referring to the signing of documents which formally nominated his cabinet. Strom said, "pardon?" Dubya repeated the question. Strom answered, "Since 1954." Bush then said, "Let it be recorded, I was born then." He hesitated a few seconds, then, "That is, I was born before that. I was alive at the time."  The first of many, I'm sure.

``I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don't agree with each other, but that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.'' -- George W. Bush, (Reuters) chuckling at a news conference  held with Republicans and Democrats on Capitol hill, December 18, 2000.  He meant it as a joke, but it's pretty tasteless in light the way he is about to gain office.

"I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness."
-- George W. Bush

"I saw the report that children in Texas are going hungry.  Where?  You'd think the governor would have heard if there are pockets of hunger in Texas."
-- George W. Bush,   whose state ranks 2nd in total number of children living in poverty to Austin American Statesman, 12/18/99

"Sitting down and reading a 500-page book on public policy or philosophy or something." - Bush was asked to name something he isn't good at by Talk magazine, September 1999 issue.

"What I'm against is quotas.  I'm against hard quotas, quotas that basically delineate based upon whatever.   However they delineate, quotas, I think, vulcanize society." George W. Bush (Austin American-Statesman 3/23/99)

"I know that human being [sic] and the fish can co-exist peacefully." Dubya, Saginaw, Michigan 09/29/00

"You might want to comment on that, Honorable."--To New Jersey's secretary of state, the Hon. DeForest Soaries Jr., as quoted by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post, July 15, 2000

"This case has had full analyzation and has been looked at a lot. I understand the emotionality of death penalty cases."--Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 23, 2000 (Thanks to Johnny Green.)

"States should have the right to enact reasonable laws and restrictions particularly to end the inhumane practice of ending a life that otherwise could live."-Cleveland, June 29, 2000 (Thanks to Douglas Basford.)

"Unfairly but truthfully, our party has been tagged as being against things. Anti-immigrant, for example. And we're not a party of anti-immigrants. Quite the opposite. We're a party that welcomes people."-Cleveland, July 1, 2000 (Thanks to M. Bateman.)

"The fundamental question is, 'Will I be a successful president when it comes to foreign policy?' I will be, but until I'm the president, it's going to be hard for me to verify that I think I'll be more effective."-In Wayne,

Mich., as quoted by Katharine Q. Seelye in the New York Times, June 28, 2000 "The only things that I can tell you is that every case I have reviewed I have been comfortable with the innocence or guilt of the person that I've looked at. I do not believe we've put a guilty ... I mean innocent person to death in the state of Texas." All Things Considered, NPR, June 16, 2000 (Thanks to Andy Nouraee.)

"I'm gonna talk about the ideal world, Chris. I've read-I understand reality. If you're asking me as the president, would I understand reality, I do."-On abortion, Hardball, MSNBC; May 31, 2000

"There's not going to be enough people in the system to take advantage of people like me."-On the coming Social Security crisis; Wilton, Conn.; June 9, 2000 (Thanks to Andy Mais.)

"I think anybody who doesn't think I'm smart enough to handle the job is underestimating."-U.S. News & World Report, April 3, 2000 (Thanks to Alfred Stanley, Austin, Texas.)

Bush: "First of all, Cinco de Mayo is not the independence day. That's dieciséis de Septiembre, and ..." Matthews: "What's that in English?" Bush: "Fifteenth of September." (Dieciséis de Septiembre = Sept. 16) -Hardball, MSNBC, May 31, 2000 (Thanks to numerous readers. )

"Actually, I-this may sound a little West Texan to you, but I like it. When I'm talking about-when I'm talking about myself, and when he's talking about myself, all of us are talking about me."-Ibid.

"This is a world that is much more uncertain than the past. In the past we were certain, we were certain it was us versus the Russians in the past. We were certain, and therefore we had huge nuclear arsenals aimed at each other to keep the peace. That's what we were certain of. ... You see, even though it's an uncertain world, we're certain of some things. We're certain that even though the 'evil empire' may have passed, evil still remains. We're certain there are people that can't stand what America stands for. ... We're certain there are madmen in this world, and there's terror, and there's missiles and I'm certain of this, too: I'm certain to maintain the peace, we better have a military of high morale, and I'm certain that under this administration, morale in the military is dangerously low."-Albuquerque, N.M., the Washington Post, May 31, 2000

"He has certainly earned a reputation as a fantastic mayor, because the results speak for themselves. I mean, New York's a safer place for him to be."-On Rudy Giuliani, The Edge With Paula Zahn, May 18, 2000 (Thanks to Peter Goldman.)

"The fact that he relies on facts-says things that are not factual-are going to undermine his campaign."-New York Times, March 4, 2000 (Thanks to Garry Trudeau.)

"I think we agree, the past is over."-On his meeting with John McCain, Dallas Morning News, May 10, 2000

"It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it."--Reuters, May 5, 2000 (Thanks to Allison Fansler.)

GOV. BUSH: Because the picture on the newspaper. It just seems so un-American to me, the picture of the guy storming the house with a scared little boy there. I talked to my little brother, Jeb-I haven't told this to many people. But he's the governor of-I shouldn't call him my little brother--my brother, Jeb, the great governor of Texas. JIM LEHRER: Florida. GOV. BUSH: Florida. The state of the Florida.-The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer, April 27, 2000

"I hope we get to the bottom of the answer. It's what I'm interested to know."-On what happened in negotiations between the Justice Department and Elián González's Miami relatives, as quoted by the Associated Press, April 26, 2000 (Thanks to Saul Selzer.)

"Laura and I really don't realize how bright our children is sometimes until we get an objective analysis."-Meet the Press, April 15, 2000

"You subscribe politics to it. I subscribe freedom to it."-Responding to a question about whether he and Al Gore were making the Elián González case a political issue. In Palm Beach, Fla., as quoted by the Associated Press, April 6, 2000 (Thanks to Helen Kennedy.)

"I was raised in the West. The west of Texas. It's pretty close to California. In more ways than Washington, D.C., is close to California."-In Los Angeles as quoted by the Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2000

"Reading is the basics for all learning."-Announcing his "Reading First" initiative in Reston, Va., March 28, 2000 (Thanks to Carl LaRocca.)

"We want our teachers to be trained so they can meet the obligations, their obligations as teachers. We want them to know how to teach the science of reading. In order to make sure there's not this kind of federal-federal cufflink."-At Fritsche Middle School, Milwaukee, March 30, 2000

"Other Republican candidates may retort to personal attacks and negative ads."-Fund-raising letter from George W. Bush, quoted in the Washington Post, March 24, 2000

"I've got a reason for running. I talk about a larger goal, which is to call upon the best of America. It's part of the renewal. It's reform and renewal. Part of the renewal is a set of high standards and to remind people that the greatness of America really does depend on neighbors helping neighbors and children finding mentors. I worry. I'm very worried about, you know, the kid who just wonders whether America is meant for him. I really worry about that. And uh, so, I'm running for a reason. I'm answering this question here and the answer is, you cannot lead America to a positive tomorrow with revenge on one's mind. Revenge is so incredibly negative. And so to answer your question, I'm going to win because people sense my heart, know my sense of optimism and know where I want to lead the country. And I tease people by saying, 'A leader, you can't say, follow me the world is going to be worse.' I'm an optimistic person. I'm an inherently content person. I've got a great sense of where I want to lead and I'm comfortable with why I'm running. And, you know, the call on that speech was, beware. This is going to be a tough campaign."-Interview with the Washington Post, March 23, 2000

"People make suggestions on what to say all the time. I'll give you an example; I don't read what's handed to me. People say, 'Here, here's your speech, or here's an idea for a speech.' They're changed. Trust me."-Interview with the New York Times, March 15, 2000

"It's evolutionary, going from governor to president, and this is a significant step, to be able to vote for yourself on the ballot, and I'll be able to do so next fall, I hope."-In an interview with the Associated Press, March 8, 2000 (Thanks to Joshua Micah Marshall.)

"It is not Reaganesque to support a tax plan that is Clinton in nature.''-Los Angeles, Feb. 23, 2000

"I don't have to accept their tenants. I was trying to convince those college students to accept my tenants. And I reject any labeling me because I happened to go to the university."-Today, Feb. 23, 2000

"I understand small business growth. I was one.."-New York Daily News, Feb. 19, 2000

"The senator has got to understand if he's going to have-he can't have it both ways. He can't take the high horse and then claim the low road."-To reporters in Florence, S.C., Feb. 17, 2000

"Really proud of it. A great campaign. And I'm really pleased with the organization and the thousands of South Carolinians that worked on my behalf. And I'm very gracious and humbled."-To Cokie Roberts, This Week, Feb. 20, 2000

"I don't want to win? If that were the case why the heck am I on the bus 16 hours a day, shaking thousands of hands, giving hundreds of speeches, getting pillared in the press and cartoons and still staying on message to win?"-Newsweek, Feb. 28, 2000

"I thought how proud I am to be standing up beside my dad. Never did it occur to me that he would become the gist for cartoonists."-ibid.

"If you're sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign."-Hilton Head, S.C., Feb. 16, 2000

"How do you know if you don't measure if you have a system that simply suckles kids through?"-Explaining the need for educational accountability in Beaufort, S.C., Feb. 16, 2000

"We ought to make the pie higher."-South Carolina Republican Debate, Feb. 15, 2000

"I do not agree with this notion that somehow if I go to try to attract votes and to lead people toward a better tomorrow somehow I get subscribed to some-some doctrine gets subscribed to me."-Meet The Press, Feb. 13, 2000

"I've changed my style somewhat, as you know. I'm less-I pontificate less, although it may be hard to tell it from this show. And I'm more interacting with people."-ibid

"I think we need not only to eliminate the tollbooth to the middle class, I think we should knock down the tollbooth."-Nashua, N.H., as quoted by Gail Collins in the New York Times, Feb. 1, 2000

"The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case."-Pella, Iowa, as quoted by the San Antonio Express-News, Jan. 30, 2000

"Will the highways on the Internet become more few?"-Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000

"This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It's what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve."-Speaking during "Perseverance Month" at Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, N.H. As quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 28, 2000

"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."-Greater Nashua, N.H., Chamber of Commerce, Jan. 27, 2000

"What I am against is quotas. I am against hard quotas, quotas they basically delineate based upon whatever. However they delineate, quotas, I think vulcanize society. So I don't know how that fits into what everybody else is saying, their relative positions, but that's my position.''-Quoted by Molly Ivins, the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 21, 2000 (Thanks to Toni L. Gould.)

"When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were," he said. "It was us vs. them, and it was clear who them was. Today, we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there."-Iowa Western Community College, Jan 21, 2000

"The administration I'll bring is a group of men and women who are focused on what's best for America, honest men and women, decent men and women, women who will see service to our country as a great privilege and who will not stain the house."-Des Moines Register debate, Iowa, Jan. 15, 2000

"This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mential losses."-At a South Carolina oyster roast, as quoted in the Financial Times, Jan. 14, 2000

"We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you like to be liked yourself."-ibid.

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"-Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

"Gov. Bush will not stand for the subsidation of failure."-ibid. "There needs to be debates, like we're going through. There needs to be town-hall meetings. There needs to be travel. This is a huge country."-Larry King Live, Dec. 16, 1999

"I read the newspaper."-In answer to a question about his reading habits, New Hampshire Republican Debate, Dec. 2, 1999

"I think it's important for those of us in a position of responsibility to be firm in sharing our experiences, to understand that the babies out of wedlock is a very difficult chore for mom and baby alike. ... I believe we ought to say there is a different alternative than the culture that is proposed by people like Miss Wolf in society. ... And, you know, hopefully, condoms will work, but it hasn't worked."-Meet the Press, Nov. 21, 1999

"The students at Yale came from all different backgrounds and all parts of the country. Within months, I knew many of them."-From A Charge To Keep, by George W. Bush, published November 1999

"It is incredibly presumptive for somebody who has not yet earned his party's nomination to start speculating about vice presidents."-Keene, N.H., Oct. 22, 1999, quoted in the New Republic, Nov. 15, 1999

"The important question is, How many hands have I shaked?"-Answering a question about why he hasn't spent more time in New Hampshire, in the New York Times, Oct. 23, 1999

"I don't remember debates. I don't think we spent a lot of time debating it. Maybe we did, but I don't remember."-On discussions of the Vietnam War when he was an undergraduate at Yale, Washington Post, July 27, 1999

"The only thing I know about Slovakia is what I learned first-hand from your foreign minister, who came to Texas."-To a Slovak journalist as quoted by Knight Ridder News Service, June 22, 1999. Bush's meeting was with Janez Drnovsek, the prime minister of Slovenia.

"If the East Timorians decide to revolt, I'm sure I'll have a statement."-Quoted by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, June 16, 1999

"Keep good relations with the Grecians."-Quoted in the Economist, June 12, 1999